Family Therapy Training

Yun Pang is committed to develop training programs for young psychologists, therapists, and counselors in the field of mental health. The YP Psychotherapy Training Institute provides post-graduate training programs in couple and family therapy. The program offers trainees the opportunity to learn an integrative approach to psychotherapy that weaves together elements of psychodynamic, family systems within the decolonizing praxis framework.

One of the key elements of this family training program is to help students locate themselves and their patients. Systemic concepts including family-of-origin, Vinculo Theory from South America and decolonial literature were introduced in addition to psychoanalytical concepts. Students learn experientially through role plays with a particular focus on the issues of self-of-the-therapist and the group process. The integration of these multiple frameworks and the experiential learning help mental health practitioners work with clients from both the intrapsychic to the intersubjective, from the relational to the larger socio-cultural political context.


The couple and family training program consists of two introductory modules (Level 1 and Level 2) which lay the foundation for advanced training in couple and family work. The program is designed for psychologists, therapists, counselors, social workers, and other mental health workers who wish to learn and incorporate couple and family therapy work into their practice. Students who complete the two foundation modules have the opportunity to further their training in advanced level training program in couple and family therapy.

The first module Level 1 – a twelve-week training course was launched in August 2020. The first batch of trainees completed successfully the first module of Clinical Practice in Couple and Family Therapy (CPCFT) in October 2020. Trainees learnt the foundation of systemic family therapy and developed an understanding of an integrative framework. The training program helped them enhance their clinical skills to make assessment and develop systemic interventions with couples and families as well as individuals. The course was taught experientially using clinical cases, role plays and process notes of students’ therapy sessions.

Students continued their training with the second module Level 2 (twelve-week course) of CPCFT which began in March 2021. The program strengthened the participants understanding of family work and deepened their knowledge of the central theoretical underpinnings of both systemic framework including structural, strategic, inter-generational, feminist family therapy as well as psychoanalytical framework. The focus was on the concrete challenges of integrating multiple frameworks within clinical practice including trauma, loss and grief work.

The second batch of students began their training in Clinical Practice in CPCFT Level 1 in October 2020. The first module ended in March 2021. The students from this batch are required to pursue further training, supervision and clinical hours to be qualified to do any couple and family therapy work.

The third group of students enrolled in the CPCFT program in February, 2022 and have completed the first module in May, 2022.

The training program in the last two years during the pandemic demonstrated the value of group work and the power of community healing space.

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