Adolescent Support Group

We, as mental health practitioners, are aware of the lack of safe group space where adolescents can connect and find support as they navigate these impactful and vulnerable growing years.

We are also aware of the lack of therapists and mentors for the many adolescents who reach out and are referred to us on a daily basis. A support group was offered in 2019 -2020 to help a group of adolescents connect and share their stories.

This will hopefully be the start of an ongoing group space that many adolescents have expressed the need for.

This was an initiative by four women, Aditi Rao, Monsoon Bissell, Gloria Burrett and Yun Pang.

Aditi Rao, Author and Founder of Tawassur, an inclusive project for adolescents

Monsoon Bissell, Therapist, Life Coach, LGBTQI activist, Group Facilitator and Actor

Gloria Burrett, Therapist, Group Facilitator, Trainer and Supervisor

Yun Pang, Couple and Family Therapist, Trainer and Supervisor